The Great Purge of 2017

I have been immersing myself in reading up on minimalist living, paring down, need versus want and the best way to go about achieving a life less cluttered. My goal for 2017 is to achieve these things. I’ve already committed to removing 800 items from my house in the month of December.

Over a month ago, we had moved everything out of our master bedroom to allow for it to be repainted. We had also made plans to replace the upstairs carpet this coming February, changing it up from the hideous colour it was since I moved in, to a soothing neutral grey.

Of course, after completing the gargantuan task of taking everything from our spare room and moving it to the basement two floors below, then taking apart everything from the master bedroom to move it into the smaller spare room, the thought of repeating this process again in two months on a grander scale (the spare room gets new carpet too) did not appeal. Naturally, I suggested we bump up the new carpet install to now while everything was in disarray and save doing it twice. My husband agreed and we made the arrangements. Next week the new carpet goes in.

The point of all that being – that with everything pulled apart, it gave me a close up look at just how much stuff I have. Too many clothes, shoes, boots, books, ornaments, craft supplies that I stopped using, miscellany things I can’t even remember the use for. I have also noticed that in the six weeks the upstairs of the house has been pulled apart, my focus on everything has been shot. My writing output has suffered, my concentration is shot, my ability to get things done or even want to do them has been overtaken by a strange inertia, and the sense of peace I once equated with my living space has sputtered its last breath, rolled over and gone belly up.

It became clear that it was time to rid myself of things that no longer held a use or a value or a purpose. A ruthless cleanse of epic proportions was needed. And what better time than the present. As I put things back into the rooms, I will be culling out the debris – 800 items by end of year and that number will grow as I enter into 2017.

I’m going to start the second half with a cleaner, less cluttered palette.



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