The Moratorium

In an effort to purge unwanted / unnecessary items from the house, I have come to the sad realization that this will not be accomplished if I keep buying new things to fill their vacated space.

Therefore (heavy sigh) – a moratorium on shopping must be called.

Now, I love shopping. I really do. But it feels as if it has become a bad habit, something I do to fill the time when I need a break from everything else. A treat I give myself, albeit a rather expensive one. And there are certain things I have a definite weakness for.

Planners.  Last year I used the Happy Planner but switched in June to bullet journalling. I now have a box of supplies and 3 empty bullet journals that await me once I fill up my current one. I can get 6 months out of a bullet journal before it is filled. Which means I have 1.5 years worth of bullet journals and no need to buy more. I also have all the supplies I need – markers, stickers, washi tape (oh lord, the washi tape…), coloured pencils, etc. Of course, I switched over after I bought the 2016/2017 Happy Planner. And don’t even get me started on the stash of goodies I had for that. Luckily, my sister wanted a Happy Planner, so last week I offloaded all my goodies and half my washi tape inventory over to her. As it stands, I have everything I need for my bullet journal to see me through the year. So Shopping Moratorium #1:  I’m not allowing myself to purchase any more planner items for 2017. In fact, I’m going to steer clear of Michaels completely.

Books. I culled through my already read books last year and rid myself of a large portion. But after a year, there are more books that have been read and more unread books added to the pile. Enough unread books, in fact, to keep me more than occupied for 2017. I do not need to add to this pile until I shrink it down, offloading each book as I finish it. Therefore,  Shopping Moratorium #2: No new books for the year. This one is going to hurt.

Clothing. I’m going to build a capsule wardrobe for each Season (watch for upcoming blog post). I haven’t determined yet the number of items for each seasonal capsule, that will take some thinking and may change according to season. I live on the Atlantic Ocean and our weather can be a bit wonky to say the least. Given that, the capsule building will take some thought and, I expect, a little trial and error. I am both looking forward to and dreading this one. But it needs to be done. It’s become a bit of a mindless habit and the reality is – I don’t really need anything. Which means, Shopping Moratorium #3: Once I have my capsule set, there will be no spending for the season.

I’m curious to see what the savings from cutting myself off from mindless spending in these three areas will be. My husband and I have a big trip planned for September 2017 and knowing we need to save for that will be a good incentive to stay on track with my new spending habits.

So my project for this week – build my wardrobe capsule for Winter and do a major purge as we put the house back to order once the new carpet is installed this week.

~ KB



3 thoughts on “The Moratorium

  1. Good luck! It ain’t easy.

    By the way, watch out for that pitfall of finding a new category to splurge in. I have heard this advice from several places, including Un-Fancy: prepare yourself by choosing a few go-to activities you can do instead of shopping. And figure out why you shop. If you shop because you’re stressed, try finding something that relaxes you, like taking a hot bath, going for a nice walk, reading a good book, or meditating. If you do it because you feel out of control, try making lists or practising letting go. Etc.

    Again, I hope this works out well for you. Capsuling is a journey, so you’ll get better as you figure out what works best for you. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Katharine! Minimalism is more up my alley. Far less stressful and the older I get the more I realize stuff has little value and my husband shares these values which makes it easier. And I definitely have enough to keep me busy so I don’t shop! Thanks for the tips! I’m currently enjoying the #winter10x10 challenge hosted by Caroline at Unfancy and Lee at Stylebee which is a great way to jump into the capsuling. I love the ease of it!


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