Creating A Peaceful Haven

The bedroom renovations are complete and we have moved back in to our new, peaceful space. As much as I loved the crimson red, it was time for a change. The red no longer suited the mood I wanted for our bedroom and the rose carpet had never suited but finances did not allow for an overhaul until this year.

What I had longed for was a sense of calm and peace. To walk into our bedroom and feel the tranquility of it wash over me after a day spent in busy-ness of jobs and writing and obligation. A quiet haven from the rest of the world that belonged to only us.

The walls are now a pale, smoky lilac colour and the carpets a plush, soft grey. I haven’t put any of the pictures up on the wall as yet. I don’t want to clutter the walls so I am selecting a few pictures that have meaning to me and placing them strategically, leaving enough open wall space so as not to feel closed in.

Some of the pictures will be donated, or put in other areas of the house where I have already taken down older pictures that no longer suit.

Other areas of the house, post upstairs reno, still need to be put back together and that will be my project over the next couple of weeks. As I put the rooms back together, I will likely edit the furniture – looking for ways to create space and remove what no longer works. In some instances, items will be removed from one room to be better used in another. In other instances, they will be donated or given away to someone else who can make better use of them. The trinkets and nic-nacs that sat atop much of the space will be removed. I will keep my favourites and use them sparingly. The rest will be donated.

The problem with having a small house is that you can only fit so much in there, and after combining both my original belongings, what my husband brought with him when he moved in, and items we’ve added together as a couple, we’re in dire need of paring down.

But for now, I am going to enjoy my new peaceful haven and sleep well knowing one room is back in order and the others are soon to follow, creating the same sense of calm and order throughout our home as we go.


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