My Addiction


My name is Kelly and I’m a knitter.

That’s only partly true. I am a knitter. I have an Etsy shop and everything. But in the past two years I haven’t had much time to knit, so in truth what I have become is a yarn hoarder. Because while I haven’t been knitting much, I have continued to buy yarn. Nice, rich, soft, scrumptious, expensive yarn.


I don’t mean to buy all this yarn (…liar, liar…), but I can’t help myself (…pants on fire…). Those precious skeins call to me the moment I walk into my favourite store, The Loop, strategically located only moments from my office. They whispers to me: Come…pick me up…touch me…

Wicked temptress.

The next thing I know I am traipsing back to the office with at least two skeins of the loveliest merino or silk or alpaca yarn that is so soft and beautiful I can’t help but reach into the bag to touch it and take a peek at the lovely blend of colours from the master spinners who made such a thing possible.

You will notice in my Moratorium post I did not list yarn as one of the things I was not allowed to buy. It should be. I know this. I have enough yarn on hand to keep me knitting for several years given the limited amount of time I have to dedicate to the craft. The picture above shows most of my more expensive end of the yarn stash, but is really only about 1/3 of my entire stash. I do not need more. But I couldn’t pull the trigger. I couldn’t make myself do it.

Given that I clearly need to de-stash my stash, but yet am unwilling to completely call a moratorium on the purchasing (I do have a gift card from Christmas to use up after all!) – I have decided to do the following:

  1. Giveaway. My mom is a big knitter (apple, meet tree), so I have already started to filter some of my stash her way. I gave her a bag of goods on Christmas Eve, have another bag waiting for her after some decluttering I did yesterday, and will likely add yet another bag to the haul which I will hand off to her on Friday.
  2. Limit Purchasing. I am going to set a monthly budget of how much I am allowed to spend on yarn. I’ve decided to max it at $50/month. I’ve switched over to purchasing more luxury, hand spun yarn which is more costly than what you would buy at Michaels or Walmart. Fifty dollars will, generally, get me 2 skeins max. The $50 can only come from my allotted spending money amount from my monthly budget. Given that this spending money must also cover such things as lunches out, magazines, make-up/beauty products that require replacement, birthday gifts for nieces/nephews, etc., there is a good chance that come end of month, there will not be $50 left over. Whatever is left over can be put towards building a ‘yarn kitty’, and once that builds up, I can then make a purchase.

I’m not sure this is necessarily the best solution, but short of cutting myself off entirely, it’s the next best thing. And, there is the possibility that as I continue to declutter and purge, I will find the mental fortitude to bring the hammer down completely or at least with a bit more force. We shall see.

The other part of the equation to keep my yarn stash from overflowing beyond the storage space I have allowed for it, is to make more time for my knitting. (This falls in with my 2017 plan which I will post about later as I’m still working on it.) Knitting more will allow me to:

  1. Repopulate my Etsy shop; and
  2. Use up my current stash to decrease how much I have on hand.

I realize this shouldn’t be such a big deal, but honestly I can feel my insides clenching at the idea of limiting/eliminating both my yarn and my book purchases this year. But I can do this.

I can.


Be strong, my little champion…be strong….(*whimpers*)



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