The Pro & Con of Shiny and New


I have an iPhone 6. It’s just over 2 years old and according to my cell phone provider I am ready for an upgrade! Do I want/need an upgrade? Yes to the want, but need? Well, let’s review:

In the Pro column:

  1. The iPhone 7 has a superior camera and my phone is what I use for all my photos.
  2. My current iPhone only has 12 GB of storage, only 4G of which is free. This will alleviate the issue or constantly running out of space and having to offload photos, apps etc.
  3. It’s shiny and new.
  4. When we go on our trip in September it would be great to have a phone that can handle the number of photos I will be taking.
  5. I can hand off my iPhone 6 to my husband who will need a new phone shortly.
  6. I can swing it financially but it will be tight.

In the Con column:

  1. Even with a 2 year contract with my provider, I will still have to pay an extra $500 + to get the phone with the  memory capacity that I want. That’s money that can be better spent toward more needed areas like paying for the trip, paying the mortgage off early, savings, RRSPs.
  2. My old phone (can we call a 2 year old phone old?) is still shiny and functioning perfectly.
  3. My husband’s work will pay for his new phone when/if he decides to get one.

I may have twice as many items listed in the Pro column, but when I look at those items they are all wants, not needs. At the end of the day, $500 seems like a lot of money to be spending on something I don’t really need. Especially when I have been wanting to get myself a good, basic digital camera in a year’s time.

Before, I would have said: “Screw it! I want it, I’m getting it!” And that would have been that. All the reasons for not doing it would have been drowned out by one faulty rationalization after another. This year, I’m committed to not making rash spending decisions. Because in the end, want isn’t enough and it flies in the face of what I’m trying to accomplish when it comes to reining in my spending on unnecessary items.

Verdict? No new phone for me unless my iPhone 6 becomes irretrievably broken and then, I will look for the best deal and go with half the memory I want, because likely that will be all I need. 



3 thoughts on “The Pro & Con of Shiny and New

    1. So true! And photography lessons are on my bucket list so it seems a better idea to slowly save up the money for a good, basic digital camera and go that route, but that’s a year or two off at this point.

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