So This Is It

candle-1510457_960_720So this is it. My 50s. Day 1.

Now, I don’t want to jinx it, but I have to say – so far, so good. I’m weirdly excited about this decade. My 30s were great, my 40s awesome. I can’t wait to see what the 50s bring.

To celebrate, I decided to take the day off work and do whatever I bloody well wanted to. To start with, JB got up early and made me breakfast before he went to work because that’s the kind of awesome guy he is. Then, because I’m on a tight deadline with my current book, I went down to the coffee shop to get my daily 5 pages in and found my sister sitting there waiting for me with a latte on order. I had a nice little visit with her filled with the usual laughter and shenanigans and then I got down to work, received another free latte and oatcake from the shop owners for my birthday and pounded out my 5 pages.

After that, as I was driving back to the house I remembered I had to get my license renewed today. Oops. I arrived at the Registry of Motor Vehicles and was in and out in under 15 minutes and my picture didn’t make me look like a serial killer. That’s a lovely gift in itself. Then I swung into the local mall and stocked up on a few Lush bath bombs since I was all out and plan of having myself a nice soak. Paid for by cash from my spending money stash, so nothing went on the credit card – a double gift. After that, I tried to find a good quality long-sleeved white tunic/shirt because the one I have is on its last legs, but had no luck. I can probably squeeze another couple of months out of the one I have so maybe I’ll keep an eye out for the Spring stock when it comes out.

Now I am back home with a few hours before supper (my favourite pizza!) and I plan on doing a little reading while I soak in the tub, a little journaling and this blog post. There will also be a glass of wine involved at some point…

I also started my 5th decade by ending the #winter10x10 challenge hosted by Caroline at Un-Fancy and Lee at StyleBee. I have to say, I had loads of fun doing this challenge even if I didn’t like about 40% of my outfits. It was eye-opening and made me reach to style an outfit with the 10 items I had chosen (I didn’t count footwear or accessories). What I discovered very quickly was that my winter work wardrobe was, on most days, ho-hum. If I can break out my skirts and wear regular boots, I’m good, but the weather here in January/February rarely allows for that and, of course, on the first day of the challenge we had a snowstorm that relegated my footwear to mukluks and negated skirts because it was too cold! I keep a pair of basic black pumps at the office, but, I don’t know. The work outfits just weren’t doing it for me.

On the plus side, I discovered that I am much more adept at styling my casual wear. And, if I look at what I do there, perhaps, with a few tweaks, mostly in the accessory department, I may be able to spruce things up work-wise. Then, as I notice my wardrobe would be helped along by certain items, I’ll add them to the list for next year’s winter wardrobe capsule.

Below, is a pic of my outfits from the #winter10x10 challenge that I pulled from my Instagram account (save for a few that I erased from my iPhone but you can see the full range on my Instagram account if you’re interested).

Did any of you take part in the #winter10x10 challenge? I’d love to hear what discoveries you made while doing it!




6 thoughts on “So This Is It

  1. A very happy Birthday to you Dear!! That must have been so nice JB made you breakfast, and thoughtful. It’s good you caught up with your sister, and got free lattes. I didn’t do the the 10×10, I just was not organised enough. I might try it for spring time. Huggs to you K. 🎂❤love Terri.

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  2. Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like you had a really wonderful start to your 50’s! Which btw you look pretty amazing for 50! Love all your photos from the 10×10. I did one in late summer, but I only got to 7 outfits before we had a cold snap and my dresses & shorts had to be put away for the season. But in those 7 outfits I (1) reaffirmed my color palette, (2) fell back in love with my summer pieces after a long, hot season, and (3) learned how to style and combine in new ways that I will definitely be repeating.

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    1. Thanks Lauren! I definitely found the 10×10 helpful style-wise. A good eye-opener that will come in handy when I’m looking at pulling together the next season’s wardrobe.


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