Monthly Wrap Up – January


So, as it turned out, January wasn’t quite as productive as I had envisioned it would be, but I still managed to get things done. I always think I have more free time in my off-work hours than I actually do and sometimes, a girl just wants to sit down, decompress and not task herself to the nth degree every minute of the day.

That being said, I did get some things accomplished. But there is definitely a list of carry over tasks that will get pulled into February (I’ll get into more detail with that in my next post).

First up, let’s look at my spending moratorium:

  1. Clothing: I did end up spending on clothes. But, I paid cash out of my spending money and the items purchased were to replace items that I didn’t think would make it to the end of the Season. All items were bought on sale, significantly reduced and two items were purchased from responsible retailers (something I want to be more conscious of going forward). Total expenditure came to $135.93 CAD.
  2. Books: I knew this one was going to give me problems…one of my favourite author’s latest book came out, so I purchased it and I also bought a book on taking better photos which is something I’m working on improving. Again, both were paid for by cash from my spending allotment and the total expenditure came to $48 CAD.
  3. Planners / Anything from Michaels: Success! I haven’t even been inside Michaels since before Christmas and no planner supplies have been purchased. But I did offload a bunch of my supplies I wasn’t using to my sister who has gone right to town with her own new planner.
  4. Other: I did have few expenses I hadn’t planned on, a seatbelt and new comb for the dog were needed, and one day I bought myself lunch. These went on my visa and totalled $46.90 CAD. These have since been paid off.

Overall, I was pleased with how things went spending-wise and I didn’t add any clutter to the house, as for any items that came in, the same amount went out. I offloaded a couple of books, the clothes that were replaced are gone and the dog’s seatbelt is hooked up in my car.

The other item I had hoped to finish in January was the purge and reorganization of my office. I am turning it into a sewing/craft room, but it’s taking longer than I had anticipated. Mostly because by the time I get home from work at 6 pm, get supper and clean up the kitchen, the thought of diving into a purge of the office is less than appealing. I’ve made some headway, but I need to step up my game and get it finished.

Things accomplished in January:

  • I finished one knit project (scarf to donate to a project to keep the homeless warm through the winter months) and made headway on another (a wrap for me);
  • I kept the areas of the house that have been purged clean and clutter free;
  • I hit my word count for the month on my latest manuscript and stayed on track to meet my March deadline;
  • I went Facebook silent. All the bad news was not helping my attempts to shake my blue funk, so I made the decision last week to stay off FB for a while. I need more positivity and less negativity in my life right now.
  • I put the downpayment on our trip to Slovenia, Austria & Italy!!
  • I did a the #winter10x10 challenge put on by StyleBee and Un-Fancy which was a lot of fun. It really helped me figure out where I want to take my style and where I was falling short.
  • I hit the big 5-0 and had a great celebration!

So that’s about it for the January wrap-up. It’s been a busy month but the great thing about reaching the end of January is that the end of winter is almost in sight. Almost… I’ve likely just jinxed myself….

What did you get up to January?



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