Prepping for Spring


It’s snowy and cold on the Atlantic Coast as I write this and with the snow falling yet again spring feels a long way off. But in reality, given I need to save up a bit of quid, now is the perfect time to plan ahead for what I will be needing wardrobe wise.

I went through my existing spring wardrobe, at least what was left of it after the great purge of 2017. Work wear – it isn’t looking great. I have two skirts and several blouses – all sleeveless, a few light cardigans (grey, cream and sage). I have one pair of shoes (my gladiators, which I love!) and a dress. I have no dress pants for work. No light blouses, no lighter-wear sweaters (other than the cardigans).

Not a complete disaster, but not great on a mix and match scale. Several of the blouses don’t match the skirts. The skirts are (1) black with white horizontal pinstripes, and (2) navy and grey horizontal stripes. First up will be to take some time on the weekend and inventory what items mix and match together, and what items are stand alone and serve no purpose whatsoever. Then I’ll list what items I’m short on and what colours I should purchase them in to get the most mileage for my buck, outfit-wise. Lastly, I’ll need to source the best place to purchase the items to get quality items without breaking the budget.

One item I definitely need is a pair of black pants, preferably ones I can continue to wear into summer to open up some options there. I also need to replace my basic white tee as the current one has become stained and unwearable outside of the house. I did a bit of research for the type of pant I wanted – skinnier leg, legging style or cigarette pant. I found what I was looking for and purchased the Stretch Ponte Crop Pant from Everlane for $78 USD. Despite being a crop, given my height, I think they will likely be closer to the ankle for me, which works fine. Plus, once the cooler months come around again, I can wear them with boots. They fit like a legging but with a  bit more structure had great reviews . Plus, responsibly made. Bonus. I also ordered the white tee from Everlane as well for $15 USD. I estimate that will come to around $175 CAD once you add duties and shipping and exchange, and I’ll use some of my February royalties to pay that off so it isn’t sitting on my credit card.

Meanwhile – in other areas of my 2017 goals – I’ve been working away on a couple of knitting projects – the Simple Lines wrap as well as the Diversity Scarf for the Last House on the Block Society. The scarf should be done by end of next week. I’ve also been addicted to watching A Homespun House podcasts on YouTube, usually while I’m knitting. I’ve also decided to knit my first sweater, which after 40 years of knitting you’d think I would have done by now, but nope. I’ve been strictly a scarf, cowl, shawl/wrap, mittens and the occasional sock kind of girl. ButI’ve found a great pattern on Ravelry that knits from the top down, which I’ve heard is easier, so I’m holding tight to my goal of expanding my knitting skills and giving it a whirl. I’ll probably starting March/April once I have the materials gathered.

The cleaning/organizing of the office is going slowly. Mostly because I’ve been avoiding it. But my goal is to finish this month and I’m determined to stick to that, so starting this weekend I’m hitting it hardcore. I want to start the learning to sew portion of the goals (first up is project bags for my knitting projects once I find a pattern) but I can’t do this until I clear off the desk and and get the rest of the unnecessary crap out of the office.

Money-wise, this month has been a bit more expensive than planned. Here’s how things are breaking down so far:

  • Dinner with my pub’d author crew – $45 CAD (paid for from Publishing account)
  • Cold Fx for whatever ailment is attempting to take me out – $23 CAD (visa)
  • Everlane pants and tee – $176 CAD (Visa – paid off at month end from Feb royalties)
  • Passport Renewal – $160 CAD (paid off from travel account)
  • E-salon hair colour – $25 CAD (visa – paid off from savings account)
  • Groceries – $13 CAD (visa, grocery cash budget already used up)

Overall, not bad, but not great. The expenses that went on the visa will get paid off tomorrow on payday, but that means a little less to distribute to savings and my savings being somewhat depleted by being used to pay off other items. I need to tighten the belt a bit for the rest of the month and focus on the trip that is looming and ask myself before making a purchase outside of my budget if it is absolutely needed.

One thing I need to fit into the budget is in the spring we need to aerate and de-thatch our lawn then put down lyme, topsoil and grass seed to help choke out the weeds trying to overtake it. That will cost around $800. We also need to re-stain our deck. Ugh – this is feeling like a very expensive year.

And that’s it for now. Hope everyone is having a great February so far!



3 thoughts on “Prepping for Spring

  1. Hi Kelly, happy early St. Valentines day! I don’t have plans on feb 14 but maybe a date night with spouse on 18-19th. Its good you got some new items back in closet after purge. I need to get into knitting, its just hard to find time with 4 kids! Spring cleaning the office is a chore , putting paperwork in its correct place takes perseverance . Its good that you are on top of your finances and paying close attention. You will be prepared then for your big Europe trip! Have you any weekend plans Kelly? Big hugs , I enjoy your blog Dear, Hugs Terri.xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No weekend plans. We usually celebrate our first date anniversary the week before Valentine’s Day as that has more significance to us. Hope you have a good one, Terri!


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