Putting Words into Action


Okay, I have done it. I have decided to make good on one of my goals for 2017 and knit myself a sweater. I found an easy, knit from the top down pattern from Tin Can Knits that is your basic style pullover, exactly what I was looking for. It’s from their Simple Collection so what could possibly go wrong?! Hahaha… any how…

At first, I thought I would just buy a cheaper yarn in case I made a total wreck of the thing, but then Mimi at The Loop reminded me that you can’t break the yarn and I thought, she’s right. Besides, if this thing turns out, am I really going to want to wear something made out of cheap ass yarn? No. So I opted for a lovely quality yarn, silky wool, which is nice and soft and, according to Mimi, a pleasure to knit with. It was expensive in comparison to the cheaper yarn, but I had saved up for it and I also knew if I were to buy something off the rack made from the same wool, I would likely pay more.

I also splurged the other day and picked up a set of interchangeable needles from Dartmouth Yarns. They were on sale for 10% off and I had a $10 credit. I cost the purchase out and it was more expensive to continually buy a new set of individual needles in the sizes I needed than to go the interchangeable needle route. I used the money from a royalty payment I received last week to pay for this expenditure so it wasn’t sitting on my visa. The rest of the amount from the royalty payment went to pay off the last of my personal training expense that was left on my line of credit. That is now at a zero balance – yay!

But back to the sweater…

I am not going to start this right away. First, I want to sit down and read through the instructions to get a sense of what I will be doing, and determine if there are parts of the pattern that I will need help with or clarification on. I know Mimi is great for this stuff and also my Mom has knit her fair share of sweaters so I have a base of support should I need it.

And, next up on the creative goals list – sewing. I have found a great pattern for a knitting project bag from Very Shannon that looks doable for this budding seamstress. Eventually, I would like to get to the point where I can design my own, but for now, I’m happy to learn from others. One step at a time. Walk before you, run, kiddo. Less chance of falling flat on your face. This is the part of I usually have a bad habit of skipping. I get all gung-ho and want to jump ahead to expert level and skip all the levels in between.

Given I will likely be housebound tomorrow thanks to a lovely blizzard warning, I should have some time to look over my sweater pattern. And soon, I will hopefully be able to cast on and upload some progress pics on my Instagram account as I go.

Wish me luck!



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