The Post Purge Office Organization

01-cube-shelfI am in the final stretches of turning my office into a library / craft room! But I ran into a bit of a hitch as I was decluttering and trying to re-organize the layout and how best to store things for optimum neatness.

Because the room was previously used solely for my writing, it had two bookshelves and another small wooden shelf/storage unit (this unit was original made as an end table but I’ve always used it as a mini bookshelf). Once I did a major purge on my reference books and stored copies of the author copies of my own books in two Tupperware bins in our upstairs closet, my need for bookshelves lessened significantly and the large bookshelf was all that I required.

The problem is, however, that now I need a proper storage unit to house my yarn, knitting supplies and sewing materials. Suffice to say, a bookshelf doesn’t cut it. I realized what I needed was a cube shelf. The kind where you put the coloured baskets/drawers in if you wanted to. Currently, I have a few baskets and that’s where my yarn is stored in an upstairs closet, but I want to move everything down into the craft room/library so it isn’t spread out all over the house.

I hemmed and hawed, because I really didn’t want to spend more money, but I couldn’t figure a way around it. Luckily, I had been holding onto $150 worth of Visa gift cards I received over Christmas. JB and I were thinking about getting a small freezer so we could make freezer meals and store them, saving us from the usual quandary of ‘what’s for supper?’. We still want the freezer, but we decided getting the craft room completed was the higher priority. So off to Home Depot we went to see what they had and what it would cost.

Turns out, they had exactly what I needed (see picture above). And, it only cost about $50 which still leaves $100 in Visa GCs to go toward the freezer. Since I already had 3 of the baskets to fit into the cubes, I only had to buy another 4 and that will leave 2 cubes empty to store craft/pattern books or a little decoration, etc.. The 4 cubes cost $36 which I paid for with savings.

As for the small bookshelf, that will go up to my stepson’s room because the tiny one he currently has is overflowing and things are spilling out onto the floor. I will hand the tiny bookshelf off to my sister or brother since all of their kids are big readers and likely they could use some extra shelving.

JB is putting the shelf together before the weekend and then I will start getting things sorted out and organized once that’s done. It might take me 2 weeks to finish as I have a writing deadline this week, but once the book is handed off to my editor, I’ll go at it hard core and get it done.

I already feel a huge relief knowing that completion of that job is on the horizon! One more thing checked off the list.



One thought on “The Post Purge Office Organization

  1. That is a wonderful storage unit Kelly. We have one of them for all the kids toys and I love being able to put them away at the end of the day! Good job on checking stuff off your list and having $100 of gift cards left. Have a beautiful weekend Kelly, hugs, Terri.💗


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