Goal Achieved

Bubblegum Sunday & Thru a Dark Wood

I achieved one of my goals yesterday. I hand-dyed my own yarn. I’ve been wanting to do this for a few years now but really had no clue how to do it. But after spending a few months immersing myself in podcasts and YouTube tutorials, I felt ready to take on the challenge. There was definitely a cost outlay to get started – dyes, bare yarn, pots, burners, sundry supplies. I hadn’t anticipated the cost, but I do have enough to cover it. Also, as my goal is to sell the yarn on my Etsy shop, I can claim the expenses on my taxes as a business expense, so I’ve been keeping my receipts. Any earnings from sales will go back into the business to cover supplies, etc.

I have to admit, at first the process was daunting, so I started off with one mini skein (the darker one). That went really well, so I moved onto the bigger skein and went to town. I was really happy with the results and can’t wait for the rest of my supplies to arrive so I can do some more! I have been making notes of colourways I want to try and names for them (which is half the fun!). The ones above are Through a Dark Wood and Bubblegum Sunday.

My workspace, unfortunately, is limited. I don’t want to be doing this in my kitchen (although I did yesterday because the laundry room was too cold!) as I don’t want to stain anything there. I mixed the dyes in the laundry room so they weren’t around the food, but going forward, I will likely stick to the small bathroom in our basement and the laundry room.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with my results and by how much I enjoyed the process. My husband said I had a look about me this week – relaxed and stress free. Crazy what not having deadlines constantly hanging over your head will do for a body! I think this is a better way to live. I have no intentions of stopping my writing, but this week has definitely taught me that the pace I was going at was not sustainable long-term.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend and that the time change hasn’t messed you up too bad (I feel like I could use a nap, but then again, I feel like that every Monday…)!



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