A Spring Capsuling Update


It’s snowing outside. Just flurries, but in the past couple of weeks we’ve had a semi-storm, a nor’easter and constant flurries. Not to mention the sub-zero temperatures more reminiscent of January than March. Despite daylight savings time making it lighter in the evenings, I am not feeling the ‘spring’ vibe. Needless to say, my wardrobe capsuling for the coming season has been almost non-existent. I’m still slogging it out with my winter wardrobe, which, in truth, I’m starting to get a little sick of!

So despite my plan to have my spring capsule done last month (haha…what was I thinking??), that clearly didn’t happen. Nor was it even required given the weather. But I have slowly been making some progress.

I have made a few purchases for items I either needed but did not have or that required replacement. Several weeks ago, I purchased a cotton v-neck tee and pair of black ponte crop pants from Everlane. Both were needed as my current black pants are on their last threads and my white tee is now a dingy shade of off-white. Last week, I also purchased the soft cotton square crew (also from EverLane) that will work through most seasons and can be dressed up or down. I am doing my best to shop responsibly and purchase items of better quality that will last more than one season. I may not always be able to hold true to this given my limited budget and local options, but I will do my best.

I have determined several items that will definitely make it into the spring capsule:

  • Mid-length black/white striped t-shirt dressed from The Gap which is double-layered so good for spring’s cooler weather, but can likely transition into early/late summer as well.
  • My long-sleeved base layer shirts in black/white stripe, white, burgundy and grey.
  • My two favourite pairs of blue jeans. The other two will go into storage until late fall and I will bring out my favourite boyfriend jeans and my cropped jeans to replace these.
  • I will likely keep out a couple lighter sweaters for the transition to summer (not sure which ones yet), but not too many and there are several I barely wore at all this season, so I think I may let some of those go.

Areas where I will likely need to make purchases:

  • I have one pair of pants (the new ones above). Once summer hits, my workwear switches over mostly to skirts and dresses, but spring can be a testy fellow and so I may need to add in an extra pair of pants or two for the damp/cooler days, of which there are many between March to mid-May.
  • Shoes. I have 1 or 2 pairs of shoes, both with mid/high heels. I may need to look at getting a pair of dressier flats for work and I would love a pair of clogs that will transition from dressy to casual. We’ll see. Still debating this one. I’m 5’2″, so flats are not something I wear a lot, but sometimes it’s good to have the option, plus my ponte pants go to the ankle and I think flats will work well with them.
  • Dressier shirts for work. I decimated my shirts from the last few seasons during the great purge of January 2017. A lot of them were ill-fitting, past their expiration date, or just didn’t work with anything in my closet and so rarely got worn. Once I have my bottom layers determined, I will figure out what is needed for tops and build from there, ensuring my choices work with my existing wardrobe.

I’m hopeful that spring is only a few weeks away from arriving. Okay, let’s be honest – it’s probably a good six weeks away easy from reaching the Nova Scotian coast, but a girl can dream! Regardless, my plan is to have my capsule pulled together by early April with a budget in mind for any replacement items/required purchases to be made.

More updates to come….:)




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