The Power of Stopping

I'm on a break. I love being able to say that. I've mentioned before how I have spent the last, probably five years, writing non-stop. Even on vacations at the cottage in the summer, while my husband and stepson were down at the beach, I was slogging away in the bedroom under one deadline or … Continue reading The Power of Stopping


Ms. Go-Go, Gandalf & Sanity

Hard to believe we've reached the end of January already! This month has been a very busy month for me. I've worked hard to take on a more minimalistic lifestyle and mindset and feel much calmer than I did a few months ago. Because a few months ago, I felt anything but calm. Now, brace … Continue reading Ms. Go-Go, Gandalf & Sanity

Putting It Down on Paper

I find I work best when I track things. Not just the things that need to be done, but also the tasks that have been completed. Or haven't been, as sometimes is the case. My preferred method for this is my bullet journal, which I use for daily tasks, monthly planning, appointments, to dos, tracking habits, etc. I check … Continue reading Putting It Down on Paper


I think what I like best about this time of the year is having the last week of the month off from work and other obligations to sit and reflect. By now, I've had time to park my butt on my comfy couch, feet up and glass of wine in hand to stare at my Christmas … Continue reading Reflection

The Restructuring of Time

I have slowly come to realize over the past couple of years that I spend a fair bit of time trying to find more time to do the things I like that require a certain amount of time to do. Only to discover that, in the end, the 24-hour day is what it is and if … Continue reading The Restructuring of Time

Creating A Peaceful Haven

The bedroom renovations are complete and we have moved back in to our new, peaceful space. As much as I loved the crimson red, it was time for a change. The red no longer suited the mood I wanted for our bedroom and the rose carpet had never suited but finances did not allow for … Continue reading Creating A Peaceful Haven

The Great Purge of 2017

I have been immersing myself in reading up on minimalist living, paring down, need versus want and the best way to go about achieving a life less cluttered. My goal for 2017 is to achieve these things. I've already committed to removing 800 items from my house in the month of December. Over a month ago, … Continue reading The Great Purge of 2017

A New Beginning

As I sit here writing this, I am dangling on the precipice of 50, and as I stare down that half-century milestone, I've noticed a few things: Fifty is not old. If anything, I'm in better shape mentally and physically at 49.953 than I ever was at thirty. Granted, this was due to a concerted effort on … Continue reading A New Beginning